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Chersus Holdings, LLC v. Bank of New York Mellon, Nevada Supreme Court Case No. 74546

 Successfully argued the district court erred by finding that claim preclusion barred the complaint filed by Chersus in 2015. Nevada Supreme Court reversed and remanded.

Flangas v. Perfekt Marketing, LLC, 138 Nev. Adv. Op. 26 (2022) (published decision).

Affirming judgment granted in favor of Judgment Creditor who domesticated Arizona Judgment in Nevada, the Nevada Supreme Court held "[e]nforceability of a foreign judgment is not defeated if a judgment creditor domesticates the judgment before its expiration in the rendering state, notwithstanding that the judgment debtor receives notice of the filing after its purported expiration in the rendering state. 

The Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Act ("UEFJA") intends to simplify the process of affording state court judgments full faith and credit. UEFJA's notice provisions are reasonably calculated to notify a judgment debtor of a judgment-enforcement proceeding, and Judgment Creditor complied with its requirements. Enforcement of the Foreign Judgment did not deprive Judgment Debtor of the opportunity to be heard. 


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